Our outdoor recycled art is perfect for your home, cabin or business.

Nothing's more calming than making art. Our specialty is Metal Art, Wood Art and Recycled Art. All of our creations are great for your garden and yard. They will create joy for everyone who sees them amongst the flowers and adorning your fence. We are always creating new inspirations and we do custom work as well!

Our Produce

We grow all of our vegetables naturally, without fertilizers and pesticides!

Our Classes

We specialize in recycled art, unique creations and stained glass mosaics.

 Art - Gifts - Plants - Jewelry - Home & Outdoor Décor - Metal Art 

​Naturally Grown Produce - Art Classes

  • Potted Plants

  • Home Décor

  • Unique Gifts

  • ​Seasonal Creations

Our Store

We mainly focus on recycled art, yard art, hand made jewelry, potted plants and unique gifts for everyone!

Creative Decorations For Your Yard & Garden

  • Branch Furniture

  • Tire Creations

  • Yard Art Décor

  • ​Soda Can Creations
  • Metal Art

  • Wood Cut-Outs 

  • Recycled Flowers

  • ​Planters and Furniture